The Archives Collection

Photographs of historic buildings, taken while BHS members were preparing an Inventory of properties to be protected (as they hoped) under the 1975 Ontario Heritage Act, were the origins of the collection. It expanded with images and written records acquired during research for the Society's book publications and through donations of personal papers.

Thousands of archival images, from the BHS collection as well as private collections, have been digitally scanned and may be viewed online in at the Burlington Images Web site that we share with the Burlington Public Library.

Other records include early census records, assessment roles, maps, family histories and a small selection of Burlington-related books. We also maintain collections of materials and newspaper clippings related to historic properties, schools, churches and cemeteries and a variety of other topics, as well as a large number of biographical files.

Thanks to our donors, the Archives continues to grow. Paper records and photographs or digital images related to the history of Burlington are gratefully accepted. Please contact the archivist.