Guide for Researchers

Researchers should email the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for an appointment including the subject to be researched. If sufficient information is provided, we will endeavour to have the necessary materials when you arrive.

The archives volunteer will bring the material to the research table. Researchers may not go through the storage area on their own and will not be left alone in the History Room. Every effort should be made to complete research in the time allotted for the appointment. If that is not possible an arrangement should be made to continue on another day.

Only when the researcher lives at a long distance and is unable to return on another day can materials be removed from the History Room. In this case, an arrangement can be made for the researcher to work at a table near the Library's information desk. The Archives volunteer on duty will take the materials to the information desk and the researcher will be required to leave a driver's license or other suitable I.D. with the librarian until finished. Upon return of the materials to the information desk, the I.D. will be returned and the librarian will return the materials to the History Room.

Notes may be taken in pencil only. No marking or writing may be done on archival material or on paper laid on archival material. Do not lean on, trace or fold archival material.

Understand that some materials may not be available in the originals. Some very fragile items have been photocopied.

Please handle our fragile material with care. Researchers should wear white cotton gloves to protect documents and photographs from the oils from their hands. Archives staff can provide gloves if necessary.

Papers are generally filed in an established order that must be retained. Please notify staff if any papers are apparently misfiled. Researchers should not attempt to correct errors.

A photocopier is available in the Archives. There is a charge of 20¢ per page for photocopies of photographs or documents (no charge for spoiled copies).

Researchers are requested to stop work 15 minutes before closing time. All materials must be returned to the attendant to be checked.