Plaques for Century Buildings

The BHp31084fS began plaquing Century Buildings as a project for Burlington’s Centennial in 1974. More than 70 plaqued buildings may be seen on the web site we share with the Burlington Public Library, Burlington Images.

The plaque indicates the date of the building and the original owner’s name and occupation.

Present owners of buildings at least 100 years old may apply for a plaque by supplying the legal description (as found on property deeds), along with any historical information that may be already known, such as the names and dates of previous owners, according to property title records.

The fee of $100 includes the cost of supplying the plaque, which is to be fixed on the exterior of the building, so as to be visible from the street, if possible.

Historical Society volunteers research the history of the property and provide a written record of their findings.